Boral's Inc was started in May of 1988 by George P. Boral as a home maintenance company specializing in small repairs while George awaited his license from the state for plumbing. In August 1988 the company was licensed and began the plumbing and heating work it is known for today. In the early years, Boral's Inc. handled almost any home maintenance problem, replacing windows, painting, and many other maintenance issues. By the early 90's, that work was scaled back to focus on plumbing and heating work, which is now the core of the business. In 1988, the company operated from George's station wagon as the company work truck. By 1989, the company purchased its first specialized work vehicle and was well on its way . George Boral has put many years of hard work into the business and kept things running even while battling some health issues in the mid 90's thanks to the support of the employees, his wife Kathleen, and many loyal customers. Today George's son Jim runs and owns the company, while George has moved on to working as a plumbing inspector. Today we operate 2 specialized vehicles and and do all phases of residential plumbing, hydronic heating, drain cleaning, and bath remodeling. We also are equipped to handle light commercial plumbing. The business is now in its 22th year and still expanding. As a family business, we pride ourselves in personalized service quality and customer satisfaction.